The Coronary Sinus Library

Volume 1 - Anatomy and Pathophysiology of the Coronary Venous Circulation

This book is the "standard" if it comes to describe the knowledge on the anatomy and pathophysiology on coronary veins. Interestingly enough this part of the coronary circulation has been neglected for a number of years, although it becomes more and more evident that the disease process in myocardial ischemia and reperfusion influences and is influenced by the coronary veins.

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Volume 2 - Pathophysiology of Myocardial Ischemia and Reperfusion

The stone heart was the fear of the surgeon in the early days of open heart surgery. This form of ischemia and reperfusion injury plays also a role in modern interventional cardiology. This book gives insight in the knowledge gathered on this subject several years ago.

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Volume 3 - Arterialisation of the Coronary Sinus and Retroinfusion

Did you know that the arterialisation of the coronary sinus dates back to the late 1800 century? Especially in the early days of heart surgery Beck reported on a number of patients with a permanent shunt from the arterial system to the coronary veins.

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Volume 4 - Coronary Sinus Interventions and Interventional Therapy

This book gives you a good overview on the different forms of the coronary sinus interventions and the history on their investigation. It formulates also moral standards in clinical research by one of the leading surgeons of the early days Dwight Harken.

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Volume 5 - Myocardial Protection via the Coronary Sinus during Surgery

No other coronary sinus intervention has influenced standard daily routine. The ease of application of retrograde cardioplegia has saved many lifes and improved surgical outcome. This book gives an overview on the early days of this intervention and sheds light on the fundamentals of retrograde cardioplegia.

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Volume 6 - Icso and Picso

Intermittent coronary sinus occlusion and PICSO has substantial benefit in educing myocardial jeopardy both in animals and humans. In this book basic considerations of the mode of action of this procedure as well as results in animal studies and early clinical trials are discussed.

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Coronary Sinus Interventions in Cardiac Surgery, 2nd Ed.

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