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2013-05-02 Society News

In 2012 the coronary sinus society achieved twelve poster presentations and abstract publications. Furhtermore two full paper publications are being prepared or are in review. The "Pressure-controlled intermittent coronary...
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2011-01-21 Remarkable review on dedifferentiation, transdifferentiation and reprogramming

Today 21st January 2011 a remarkable review on dedifferentiation, transdifferentiation and reprogramming was published in Nature reviews Molecular Cell Biology. The authors describe the different routes of existing pathways of...
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2011-01-21 Access to the coronary sinus easy and efficiently?

Shape-shifting 'Tube Robot' could aid heart surgery via the Internal Jugular Vein
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2010-04-29 Embryonic recall: myocardial regeneration beyond stem cell transplantation

The concept of stem cell transplantation in recovery of the heart never really scrutinized the developmental environment necessary to induce substantial changes. It is now time to shift gear to lessons learned in organogenesis...
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2010-04-29 Management of Central Coronary Sinus Ruptures Using the Pericardial Patch Repair Technique

BACKGROUND: Intraoperative coronary sinus rupture is a rare event; however, it carries potential mortality and its' management is technically challenging. A repair technique should provide adequate bleeding control while avoiding...
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