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2010-04-29 Closure of ruptured coronary sinus by a pericardial patch.

Aharinejad S; Baumgartner H; Miksovsky A; Mohl W
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2010-04-29 Is activation of coronary venous cells the key to cardiac regeneration?

Myocardial regeneration for endogenous cardio­ protection is an attractive treatment option. The mechanisms by which cardiac cell therapy could induce myocardial regeneration and, ultimately, recovery of the failing heart,...
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2010-04-29 Getting to the heart of the matter

The origin and early development of coronary vessels is unclear, although the textbook view is that they arise from the proepicardium — a transitory structure in the embryo that contacts and spreads over the developing heart to...
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2010-03-30 The clinical potential of remote versus local conditioning in acute coronary syndromes

The simplicity of remote conditioning in acute coronary syndromes as well as obvious improvements reported by Bøtker and commented by Ovize in Lancet recently supports the quest for innate cytoprotection for damage control...
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2010-03-30 Figure: risk reduction for reinfarction in patients treated by PICSO

There is a 96% risk reduction for reinfarction (95% confidence interval: 61%-99%) in patients treated by PICSO compared to control patients if reperfusion time is adjusted. In addition a 86% reduction of the risk to suffer...
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