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2010-03-30 Figure: risk reduction for reinfarction in patients treated by PICSO

There is a 96% risk reduction for reinfarction (95% confidence interval: 61%-99%) in patients treated by PICSO compared to control patients if reperfusion time is adjusted. In addition a 86% reduction of the risk to suffer...
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2010-01-31 The heart needs oxygen in deprived areas, it is not that simple!

Please have a look at Professor Mohl's eLetter regarding the article "Coronary venous retroperfusion: an old concept, a new approach" from Kassab et all published in the Journal of Applied Physiology
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2009-12-30 Coronary venous pressure elevation "risks and benefit"

The latest article published by Professor Mohl and colleagues broaches the issue of physiologically adapted coronary venous pressure elevation as a means of innovative and far-reaching counter-ischemic strategy.
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Please have a look at - a scientific network providing fulltext-access to many publications.
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2009-04-16 Perform a literature research on PubMed in context of Coronary Sinus Interventions

We prepared the following preset PubMed-searches in context of Coronary Sinus Interventions for you - feel free to modify the search-terms. PICSOMyocardial Reperfusion / methodsShear stressCoronary Circulation /...
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