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2008-11-21 Meta analysis of ICSO shows favourable results

In a recent abstract presented at the Joint meeting of the Division of Cardiovascular Disease Mayo Clinic and the Division of Cardiology University of Vienna, B. Syeda reported in a meta-analysis of a significant reduction of...
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2008-11-21 MiniCourse on CS catheterisation

Professor Johannes Kastner from the University of Vienna will present on the 20th of June a minicourse on the state of the art coronary sinus catheterisation. CS catheterisation is currently used by electrophysiologists from the...
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2008-11-21 Simplified Coronary Sinus Retroperfusion

Acute coronary occlusion is an emergent situation because any delay for treatment may result in sudden loss of myocardial contractility due to insufficient blood supply to the tissues. In some cases, sudden resumption of...
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2008-11-21 Valve repair via the Coronary Sinus

Minimal invasive or even percutaneous valve repair gets more momemtum in recent days. Several companies are working on attractive instrumentation and devices to achieve this goal. The knowledge on the anatomy and pathophysiology...
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2008-11-21 A new era for intermittent coronary sinus occlusion

Intermittent pressure eleveation of the coronary venous system as method to protect ischemic myocardium.
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