09.06.17 10:48 Age: 6 yrs

ATOSI trial and the application of PICSO has been presented at this year’s EuroPCR in Paris

The application of PICSO in heart failure patients seems to be another potential therapy to regenerate the failing heart. To corroborate and scrutinize the preliminary findings of ATOSI, ISCSI has joined a Pan European consortium under the leadership of the Medical University of Vienna. The proposal was submitted to Horizon 2020 grant scheme of the European Union last April. The aim of this collaboration is the verification of a regenerative potential via a restart of developmental molecular pathways in the failing heart. The consortium consists of trial specialists, basic scientists and interventional cardiologists to decipher not only the causative chain of molecular events, but to establish clinical significance of this trans-coronary sinus catheter intervention. ISCSI is currently led by its President Jürgen Hescheler, a internationally renowned specialist in regeneration research.